7 Best Residential Places in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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As we step into 2024, the real estate landscape in Bangladesh is poised for significant transformation. Sustainable development initiatives are taking center stage, with a growing emphasis on green buildings, energy-efficient designs, and environmentally conscious projects.

Moreover, technological advancements in property management are becoming increasingly prevalent. Smart home systems and digital platforms for real estate transactions are enhancing convenience and efficiency for both buyers and sellers. Against this dynamic backdrop, Dhaka’s residential areas are evolving, offering a blend of modern amenities and sustainable living.

In this article, we explore the 10 best residential places in Dhaka that epitomize these emerging trends.

Top 7 Residential Locations of Dhaka in 2024

1. Gulshan – The Posh Central of Dhaka

Gulshan is one of Dhaka’s most affluent neighborhoods, known for its stunning beauty and luxurious amenities. Originally a residential area, it now boasts both homes and businesses, including high-end restaurants, shops, and markets.

About half of the land remains residential, featuring exquisite homes and upscale apartments. Just like Tropical Home’s Shams Tropical Paradise.

The neighborhood hosts numerous foreign embassies and exclusive clubs, making it a prime location for international dignitaries. It has several mosques and Christian churches and missions.

Gulshan’s premium properties offer residents comfortable living with amenities such as private party lounges, fully equipped gyms, landscaped gardens, and advanced fire safety systems. Many high-ranking real estate companies have developed luxurious apartments here, providing a splendid living experience for families.

2. Baridhara

Baridhara, known as a diplomatic zone, boasts lakeside homes and elegant apartments with stunning views. Its unparalleled security features include police checkpoints at every entry and round-the-clock surveillance.

Home to the US and Canadian embassies, as well as major organizations like US Bangla Airlines, Baridhara offers a serene living environment. Situated between Gulshan and Bashundhara R/A, it provides easy access to Malibagh, Uttara, and Rampura via Pragati Sarani Road.

While transportation options may be limited, the area hosts reputable schools offering Bengali and English curriculums, along with institutions like the British School of Law. Residents can enjoy shopping at Anannya Shopping Complex or explore nearby Jamuna Future Park.

With premier healthcare facilities at United Hospital, Baridhara ensures a sophisticated lifestyle amidst tranquility, safety, and cleanliness. Its serene lake and park offer ample relaxation opportunities, making it a preferred residential choice with less traffic.

3. Dhanmondi – A Nostalgic Neighbourhood

Dhanmondi is one of the most livable areas in Dhaka, offering a blend of compact residences with modern infrastructure. It boasts top-notch educational institutions like Scholastica, Mastermind EMS, Dhaka College, as well as universities such as ULAB and Stamford University. Healthcare is excellent, as the area has renowned dental clinics and renowned hospitals like Labaid Specialized Hospital, Bangladesh Eye Hospital, and more.

The area is self-reliant, with all amenities close by and excellent public transport connections via Mirpur Road and Sat Masjid Road. Dhanmondi Lake offers relaxation with parks, restaurants, and activities like speed boating. The lake’s Rabindra Sarobor hosts cultural events, and the area is home to the notable Abahani Sporting Club.

Dhanmondi is also a food hub with diverse restaurants and stylish shopping options like Rapa Plaza, Shimanto Square featuring exclusive brands and the Star Cine Complex, and more.

4. Banasree – An Affordable and Friendly Neighborhood

If you’re on a budget and want to live near Gulshan-Banani, Banasree is the ideal place for you. This affordable area is perfect for middle-class families seeking a convenient location in the zone.

The brilliant condominium project, Tropical Haider Amorapuri, enhances the neighborhood with its extensive facilities for residents, making the area even more attractive and beautiful.

Banasree offers improved traffic and road conditions, making it easy to move within and out of the city. The area is well-equipped with modern medical facilities and shopping malls at every block, and educational institutes for better upbringing of your kids.

5. Banani – A Blend of Residential & Commercial

Banani, a gem adjacent to Gulshan and nestled around Banani Lake, boasts upscale homes, shopping complexes, and hotels. Its prime allure lies in housing many modern corporate offices, making it an excellent residential choice for professionals.

Known for its cultural richness and affluence, Banani remains one of Dhaka’s wealthiest areas. It offers convenience, being a key link between Gulshan and Baridhara. The area is dotted with a variety of restaurants, cozy reading cafes, and reputable international schools and colleges.

Banani perfectly balances residential and commercial spaces, with esteemed real estate developers offering premium apartments. This harmony makes it one of the top residential zones in Dhaka, ideal for those seeking both luxury and convenience.

6. Uttara – A Refreshingly Modern Community

Uttara is a well-planned area in Dhaka, known for cozy apartments, quality education, excellent medical facilities, and ample job opportunities. Its proximity to Shahjalal International Airport and connectivity via the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway and a railway line enhance its accessibility.

Residents enjoy shopping at Rajlaxmi Complex, Mascot Plaza and more, as well as fine dines or restaurants places like Pizza Hut and Takeout. For leisure, Uttara offers Diabari drives, Uttara Lake visits, parks, and playgrounds.

Additionally, you can find affordable apartments, reliable public transports like Metro, and a vibrant community that make Uttara a desirable place to live.

7. Bashundhara – A Serene Community

Bashundhara Residential Area is one of the finest communities where the residents can live away from the chaos of Dhaka’s traffic and pollution. It isn’t just a residential area; it’s a testament to thoughtful urban planning, offering solace from the city’s chaos while embracing its vibrancy.

This meticulously planned community offers an array of facilities and stunning apartments for exceptional living. Take, for instance, Tropical Dhakhinayan—a prime example of serene living with its brilliant architecture and lifestyle amenities.

From top-notch shopping malls to renowned medical facilities like Apollo Hospital, all just a stone’s throw away.

Bashundhara emphasizes on safety with stringent measures like CCTV surveillance, round-the-clock security, and controlled access points allowing residents with a peace of mind.

Additionally, robust infrastructure, wide roads, efficient drainage, and reliable utilities, connectivity is seamless. Education flourishes with esteemed institutions like NSU, IUB, AIUB, and Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, enriching the community.

Key Characteristics to Look for in Dhaka’s Elite Neighborhoods

When choosing a home, a positive atmosphere is essential for your family’s development and your mental well-being. Elite neighborhoods stand out due to several key features:

  • 1. Well-Planned Architecture: Buildings are well-structured, maintaining healthy distances from one another.

  • 2. Recreational Spaces: Parks, lakes, and gardens are available for both kids and adults.

  • 3. Convenient Shopping: Residential areas are close to shopping centers.

  • 4. Enhanced Security: Superior safety and security systems.

  • 5. Luxury Dining and Shopping: High-end restaurants and boutique shops.

  • 6. Beautiful Worship Places: Elegantly designed mosques, temples, and other religious sites.

It’s worth noting that these neighborhoods are typically affordable only for a certain class of people.


If you seek a luxurious lifestyle and can afford a higher cost of living, Gulshan and Banani are excellent options. For a more affordable yet comfortable lifestyle, Dhanmondi and Uttara are popular choices. Additionally, Bashundhara also offers modern facilities but comes with a higher price tag.

For those on a budget, Mirpur and Mohammadpur are more affordable, though they have higher crime rates compared to other areas in Dhaka. If you are interested in the historic charm of the city, Old Dhaka may appeal to you, but it may lack the facilities and amenities found in other neighborhoods.

Overall, Dhaka offers a wide range of neighborhoods, each with its unique character and appeal. With careful research and consideration, you can find the perfect place to call home in this vibrant and dynamic city.

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