Benefits of Buying Commercial Space in Motijheel

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Buying a commercial space takes a lot of work, especially in a busy city like Dhaka. However, some of the locations in Dhaka offer great amenities and facilities for commercial and office spaces in Dhaka.
At the very heart of the city, Motijheel is a central business hub. Given how several companies have flourished over the years in this location, Motijheel is a great place to buy a commercial space for your business.
In this blog, we shall explore the benefits of buying a commercial space in Motijheel.

Accessible location

Being the central commercial location for businesses since historic times, Motijheel is an easily accessible location for commuters across Dhaka. Major roads and flyovers interconnect the city from different points, especially at Shapla Square. Several bus stops, and railway stations including Kamalapur Railway Station, and the Metro Rail are situated here, making the commute easy.

Not only that, places near Motijheel, such as Purana Paltan and Malibagh offer great options for commercial spaces for sale due to the accessible location within the city.

Thriving business hub

Historically, Motijheel has been a trade center. State-owned companies such as the Dhaka Stock Exchange, Jiban Bima Corporation, Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation, and Army Welfare Trust, have been here since their inception.

Private banks like Dutch Bangla Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Eastern Bank PLC, and companies like Orion Group and Beacon Pharmaceuticals have their headquarters in Motijheel.

The Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also located here, in Motijheel, Dhaka.

As the scope of establishing and doing business in Motijheel and neighboring areas is always high, luxury commercial spaces for sale are readily available here. These spaces come with great features, facilities, utilities, and amenities. Even Tropical Homes’ Tropical TA Tower, the tallest building in Bangladesh, is located here.

Real estate price

Being a top commercial place in Dhaka, the real estate prices for office space in Motijheel are competitive. This is because Motijheel is the central location for most businesses. Therefore, with the availability of accessible commutes and plenty of facilities and amenities, the investment and the returns on investment (ROI) in real estate here are comparatively higher.

The real estates in Motijheel vary in size, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand square feet. The property prices for such real estate are between one to five lakhs, on average.

Availability of facilities

Motijheel has been an integral part of Bnagladesh’s heritage. Although it is largely a commercial place with plenty of office spaces for sale, residential plots are also available here. Educational institutes, malls, parks, and hospitals are also located in the vicinity.

Several top educational institutions in Bangladesh have their branches here. The prestigious Notre Dame College and Notre Dame University are situated here. Along with them, Ideal School & College (main branch), Ideal Government Primary School, Motijheel Model School & College, Motijheel Government Girls’ High School, Miraj Abbas Degree College, and more institutions are located here.

Not only that, but a lot of popular shopping malls like the Baitul Mukarram Shopping Complex and Eastern Plus Shopping Complex are located in Motijheel. Also, the Thalassemia Foundation Hospital, the Islami Bank Hospital, and the Fire service Stations are located here.


Since the Mughal times, Motijheel has been an attractive site for exploration and business. Over the years, the area has progressed along with time, becoming a modern industrial hub with a touch of history.

Almost all types of companies- both private and state-owned- have an establishment or a branch, here at Motijheel and in the surrounding areas such as Paltan, Fakiraool, and Malibagh. Other institutions including educational and healthcare, and shopping complexes are located here, offering a great range of facilities, amenities, and utilities.

However, having the availability of great facilities means that the real estate prices will also be comparatively higher than other areas. Yet, with the emerging real estate trend, it is fairly justified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What factors to consider when buying a commercial space in Motijheel?

Location, available amenities and utilities, and price should be considered.

2. What legal documents are needed to purchase a flat?

Legal documents such as land deeds, mutations, city surveys, RAJUK’s clearance and approval documents are needed.

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